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About Us

  Note from the Owner  

I would first like to thank you for considering Overall Pest Services as your full service pest control company.

In this day and age of the big corporate companies, a lot of people feel like just another number. Overall Pest Services is a family owned company. We have to pay our bills, send our kids to college, and still have enough left over to see a movie every now and then.

When you call us to your home or business I promise you will be treated with respect, honesty, and receive quality services. I also believe in service after the sale. We will be there when you need us.

  About us  

Overall Pest Services was conceived from a 5 year dream. The owner, Robbie Johnson, has been in the pest control industry for over 25 years. Mr. Johnson is a native East Texan who moved to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area in 1987.

Mr. Johnson spent many summers on his Pa Johnson’s farm where he learned the value of a hard day’s work. That value lives on today in Overall Pest Services.

Overall Pest Services serves Dallas, Denton and Collin counties. Give us a call today for all of your pest control needs. Overall Pest Services is licensed by the State of Texas in Pest, Termite, Weed, Lawn, Ornamental and Commodity fumigation. We can handle any of your pest control needs.

  Mission Statement  
It is the mission of Overall Pest Services LLC to strive for the protection of our customers and the environment by surveying our customers' needs and endeavoring conscientiously to serve those needs. We endeavor always to increase our knowledge of pest control and use this knowledge to serve our customers better.
  Code of Ethics  

Throughout my pest control career, I will endeavor to maintain and observe this code of ethics:

I will survey my customer's needs and endeavor conscientiously to serve those needs.

I will endeavor always to increase my knowledge of pest control and use this knowledge to serve my customers better.

I will conduct myself in order to be a credit to myself, my company, my industry, and the public I serve.

I will serve my company with loyalty and always be conscious of my company's best interests.

I will never criticize publicly the business or private affairs of my competitors, my company, my fellow employees, or my customers.

I will never violate knowingly my obligations under local, state and federal regulations, and I will strive for the protection of mankind and the environment.