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Why Use Overall Pest Services


What It Means To You

Overall's owner/operator has been in the pest control industry for over 25 years. Over 25 years of service means we have the experience to solve all of your pest control needs.
The owner is member of the Texas Pest Control Association and a graduate of the Purdue Pest Management program. We have access to the latest, most advanced technology in the pest control industry.
Overall Pest Services is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and the Structural Pest Control Board. We do what we say we will do, and treat your home and business per the laws of the state of Texas.
Overall Pest Services offers free in-home and business inspections and estimates.You are under no obligation to buy from us. Let us come out to your home or business and discuss your needs. We won’t pressure you.
Our technicians wear a picture identification badge. For your safety our technicians have been through a background check and regular drug tests.
Our owner in many cases services your home.The person servicing your home cares about your home and the quality of service you receive.
Our service is based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We focus on prevention or suppression of pests using a combination of tactics that minimize the impact of control on human health and non-target organisms. We do not just spray baseboards and areas that have no need of application.
Our service is convenient for the homeowner. The first time we come out, we treat the interior, exterior, garage, and attic. Each time after that we treat the outside to keep any bugs from coming inside. You do not have to be at home each time your home is treated. We can solve most all problems from the outside. If there is a problem on the inside, we will set an appointment to treat any problem areas at no extra charge.
We offer customized pest and termite programs for your home and business. We are not a cookie-cutter pest control company. We offer what you need within your budget.
Our technicians leave a Service Summary on the door at each service. This Service Summary lets the customer know what the technician saw and how he treated the home.
We have convenient e-mail billing and on-line bill pay system. This system simplifies your monthly bill-paying process. This will save you from having to write so many checks throughout the year.